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Our partner  is one of the world’s leading independent storage partners for oils, chemicals and gases. We have a strong customer orientation and provide tailor-made infrastructure. Our focus in tank storage is on safe, efficient and reliable services in constructing and operating our facilities.

Tank Storage And Logistics

Rotterdam Port - Netherlands

The core activity of OUR PARTNER  is the safe transportation, storage and handling of liquid bulk products and gaseous products which includes services such as blending, additivation, dyeing, heating, nitrogen blanketing & customs facilities at Rotterdam Port – Netherlands. OUR PARTNER has a strong focus on safety, sustainability, reliability and customer service.

Houston Texas Port - USA

OUR PARTNER leases storage tank from Houston Texas Port Terminal with the largest provider of fuel oil storage for petroleum products. Due to its broad customer base, OUR PARTNER  provides its customers with special discount for tank storage lease. Our seven ship docks have 45 foot draft, 165 foot beam, and a 1,000 foot LOA. The docks have pumping capacity of 40,000 bbl./hour for fuel oil.

Chinese Ports

OUR PARTNER operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers. The terminals consists of multiple oil handling sites with the total storage capacity ranging from of 495,000 m3 and above, including 119,000 m3 of the own tanks. Ports like Dandong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Hankou, Huangpu, Jiujiang, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Nantong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Rizhao, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Etc

Antwerp Terminal Port - Belgium

Antwerp, located on the Scheldt River, is Europe's second-largest port after Rotterdam. The Port of Antwerp (BEANR) is Belgium's primary gateway to Europe, situated 80 kilometres southeast of the North Sea. An easily accessible port with safe traffic flow. To achieve this, various teams at Port of Antwerp-Bruges work hard every day. The focus is not only on nautical aspects. In addition to the importance of the logistics chain, stimulating sustainable passenger transport for commuting is a priority.

Port of Piraeus - Greece

The Port of Piraeus is the chief sea port of Piraeus, Greece, located on the Saronic Gulf on the western coasts of the Aegean Sea, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, OUR PARTNER has its terminal in this location. We regulate the laws of this terminals and tank farms in this port. Capacity : 4535 155 cmb Tankers : 70 Tank types : Coated steel, Mild steel, Temperature control Tank size : from 2 500 to 120 000 cbm Access : Barge, Pipeline, Vessel, Railway, truck Draught : 22.59 Berths for vessel : 10 Berths for barges : 20 Productss : Crude oil, Petroleum products, Fuel oil.

Novorossiysk Port, Russia

OUR PARTNER  Oil terminal in Novorossiysk Transshipment complex “Sheskharis” included in structure. The complex is located in the city of Novorossiysk and the end point of the main oil pipelines of BIYSKHIMTRANS LLC in the Novorossiysk Port, Krasnodar region, providing transportation of oil fields in Western ports like Turkey, Greece, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan Africa and other Middle east and Asian ports.

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