Food industries

Acca Consulting supports food processing industries by providing teams of experts in the sector in order to manage the continuous evolution of the market. We accompany our customers step-by-step to enter the digital era, rethink their business models and adapt to changes in current legislation. Over time, the Acca Consulting team of professionals has developed a deep knowledge of the fish sector and the transformation of coffee, freezing and processing of fish products, in the following main areas: Payments

Credits Accounting Processes (IAS) Finance, Administration & Accounting 

Risk & Compliance 

Capital Markets & Asset Management  Operations ,



Acca Consulting supports the main energy companies by providing teams of experts in the sector in order to manage the continuous changes both in the market and in technology. We support our customers according to a partnership logic to implement and rethink the models for quality management at all levels: 

 Method quality Process quality, 

Quality of technological ,

Solutions Data,

 Quality Furthermore,

 Following a holistic approach, we combine the issues for quality management with support for the definition and optimization of the productivity models of IT departments.

  Calculation of the energy content of foods
-Energy conversion factors- 

In 1948, three years after the founding of FAO, the newly established Standing Advisory Committee noted that “the problem of assessing the calorie[1] and nutrient requirements of human beings, with the greatest possible degree of accuracy, is of basic importance to FAO” (FAO, 1950). As a result, a gathering of experts was convened in September 1949 to address the issue of calorie needs. The foreword of the report of this meeting stated that “even tentative recommendations would be of immediate practical value to FAO but also to its member countries” and that the recommendations would also be of value to “nutrition workers and others concerned with the problems of food requirements” (FAO, 1950).

Photovoltaic Geographical Information system 

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